Achieving SEO success for your website, your blog or both has a lot to do with the web or blog page title for these two reasons: 1: Google and other search engines use your webpage Read More

Make your QR codes clickable

As you are probably well aware, QR codes are everywhere from clothing to sides of vehicles. They are also visible quite frequently on websites and emails. What is the problem with that? Often times, people Read More

Effective Marketing on a Budget

Marketing can be both expensive and time-consuming, and it also can fail to show a return on an investment. The cost and success of marketing often can lead to the success or failure of a Read More

Ten Steps to Creating the Most Effective Website for Your Biz

As a small business owner or an executive in any size business, one of the toughest challenges you face is making important decisions on areas outside your core competencies. So when you hire a web Read More

20 Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs

While I doubt there is anyone under the age of 60 who does not know who Steve Jobs was, there are many things about the man you may not know. Although he wore his private Read More

Leading A New Era Of Customer Engagement With Customer Loyalty 3.0

“That will be $56.02,” said the woman behind the counter. “Oh wait,” I replied. “I am a member of your VIP program.” The woman rolled her eyes. “Do you have your card?” she grumbled impatiently. Read More

Social Media: Ask Me, Don’t Tell Me

No matter how you look at it or how much more social media will become a part of our lives, it will never be quite the same as an in-person meeting. I have met many Read More

Why I Am Now Happy Apple Said No To Flash

When Apple came out with the iPhone, there was a lot said on how its software would not allow Adobe Flash. In fact, I would say most people were annoyed and confused. The annoyance came Read More

Abercrombie and Fitch Has An Advertising “Situation!”

Clothing powerhouse Abercrombie and Fitch, whose consumers normally range from young teens to adults in their mid twenties, actually offered to pay Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, chief resident of MTV’s Jersey Shore, to NOT wear Read More

Secret: Buzz Doesn’t Necessarily Equal ROI

PR, marketing and advertising firms have been creating “buzz” since practically the beginning of time in one way or the other. Most of these firms, to this day, measure their campaign’s success based upon numbers Read More
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