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Challenge: Create and develop the new brand Feedolu. Design and develop an RSS feed reader from scratch that has a social component that allows users to follow other users, comment on each other’s posts, and allows users to have their own social profiles. 

Conclusion: We started with the design of the Feedolu logo. We wanted to create a logo that focused on the fact that Feedolu was an RSS reader platform, but also a way to have a shortened version which featured only the “O” that could be used in future applications and platforms. We also focused on using #009900 green that paired well with white and black. 

After the branding was complete, we developed the RSS feed reader primarily using a PHP and MYSQL back-end that communicated with a JavaScript heavy front-end client. Because Feedolu has to pull and process millions of pieces of content per day in a timely fashion, we developed intelligent complex queueing software that pulls and processes content intelligently based on a variety of factors. We also developed algorithms that specify which images to pull and display; also, recommendations of users to follow.